The Reiki Room
Tamara Angeline Premer
Ordained Minister

Usui Reiki Master Teacher

God is my Source and the Source of all my work.

All events that occur during a session are between God and the individual.

When my son was born with a genetic disorder for which I was told there was no cure, I began to research alternative modalities. I began studying Reiki in 2003 and became a Reiki Master in 2006. I was very fortunate during my training to work with my teacher for several years. He taught me many skills beyond Reiki. 

Overtime, I reached a place that allowed me to see pictures in the energy fields  of the people I was working on. As I shared what I was seeing with them it was fascinating  how it helped them gain a better understanding of their life path and events from their past. Loved ones who had passed often used this time to send a message. 

As I witnessed  the comfort and healing effects  the  interpretations had on my clients, I realized the importance of  developing the skills.

 I interpret pictures I see and the emotions I feel that are associated with them. 

To me Reiki is a Spiritual artform and we all bring our personal gifts to our practice. It is my job to connect with the highest forms of love, healing and balance, I know.

Clients who have received benefits from my services:

Those seeking stress relief

Those healing from trauma

Those with sleep issues

Those seeking self healing

Those seeking guidance on relocation, employment, relationship issues

Those looking for "a sign" from a loved one who has passed

Those looking for ways to help a loved one with special needs

Those who feel there  are other ways to address a health issue but do not know where to start

Those who feel alone with their health issue because they want to try something different, but do not  have the support they need from family and friends.

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